The Glenorchy Jobs Hub is proud to announce a momentous achievement as it reaches a significant milestone – the 1000th job filled within just two years of its inception. This remarkable feat highlights the hub’s unwavering commitment to connecting local job seekers and employers with meaningful employment opportunities.

Since its establishment in 2021, the Glenorchy Jobs Hub has emerged as a vital resource in the community, dedicated to fostering employment growth and supporting local businesses. Guided by its core principles of local jobs for local people, the Jobs Hub has become a beacon of hope for both Job Seekers and employers alike.

From skilled trades to professional services, retail to hospitality, the Glenorchy Jobs Hub has been instrumental in bridging the gap; through personalised career counselling, skills training, workshops, and a vast network of employers, the hub has empowered individuals to overcome barriers to employment, ensuring a diverse and talented workforce that meets the needs of local industries.

Glenorchy’s Mayor, Bec Thomas, expressed her excitement for this tremendous achievement, stating, “The Glenorchy Jobs Hub has been enthusiastically embraced by our local community since opening its doors in August 2021. It has become a valued asset in our city, and I am so proud to see the 1000th job filled through the service,”

“Well done to all who have played their part in reaching this milestone – job, seekers, local employers, Council staff, STEPS Group Australia and Jobs Tasmania. The Jobs Hub is a great example of Council working together with the State Government to improve employment outcomes for both job seekers and employers in our municipality.” Said Mayor Thomas.

STEPS Group Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Luke Henderson, is thrilled by the success, stating, “the 1,000th Job Seeker to find meaningful employment through the Glenorchy Jobs Hub is a significant milestone and should be celebrated. This significant achievement is a testament to the dedication of our team and the unwavering support from our partners and the local community. ”

“Seeing individuals transform their lives through gainful employment is a reminder of the power of collaboration and the positive impact we can have when we come together and work as a community.” Said Mr. Henderson.

Businesses looking to partner with the Glenorchy Jobs Hub or individuals in the Glenorchy Local Government Area seeking employment assistance are encouraged to get in touch with the hub’s team through their website or visit their office located at 2 Tolosa Street, Glenorchy TAS 7010. Together, we can continue to build a stronger, more prosperous Glenorchy for everyone.

The Glenorchy Jobs Hub, established in 2021, is a community-driven initiative dedicated to facilitating job placements and enhancing workforce development in Glenorchy and is part of the Regional Jobs Hub Network. Through its wide range of services, the Jobs Hub strives to connect job seekers with meaningful employment opportunities while supporting local businesses hiring needs.