Volunteers week 2022

Want to add a bit of flair to your resume, build your skills or show employers what you can do? Volunteering offers fantastic opportunities to develop your resume and find your next role.
Here are 7 great ways volunteering can help your jobs search.

1. Connects you with the community.

Volunteering is a great starting point for building local connections. People who volunteer have a passion for what they do, and people want to be around this passion and know more – which is a great starting point for networking! Volunteering also lets you meet people and engage with different communities outside of your social circle.

2. Builds new skills.

Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to build new skills. Volunteering is flexible with many opportunities to try new and exciting activities. This gives you the time to experiment and learn new skills while on the go.

3. Shows you want to work.

When you volunteer, you show employers that you want to work and build your resume. Your volunteering is also an excellent interview talking point, giving employers the opportunity to learn more about yourself, your values and your passions.

4. Builds your confidence.

Job seeking can be tricky, and it can have an impact on your confidence. Volunteering helps overcome this by offering areas where you can achieve results. It helps to find a support network, engage with people and take actions outside your comfort zone. These supports are great for when you are struggling and even better when you finally land a job.

5. Gets you in on the ground floor.

Volunteering is a great entry point to joining a business. You get your face and name out in the industry, you meet contacts and become front of mind when permanent positions arise.

6. Shows your skills and knowledge.

Volunteering helps you show your capabilities and the impact that they can have for businesses. It also provides practical experience and areas to keep up to date with your skillset. Volunteering also allows employers the opportunity to learn where the missing skills could be in their business.

7. Meet references.

Volunteering can have you experiencing various parts of the business at any time. By working across departments, you can meet and engage with people that can vouch for your work ethic, skills and capabilities.

National Volunteers week 2022 will be running 16 May – 22 May, offering excellent opportunities to see local businesses running volunteer programs. To find out more on local volunteering and how it can help you, head to the Volunteering Tasmania website: https://www.volunteeringtas.org.au/


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