Nga and Jayden who both recently got jobs through the Jobs Hub

Congratulations to all the successful job applicants who have gotten employment through the Glenorchy Jobs Hub.

Nga was the first person to get a job through our service. Having searched for work for over eighteen months, Nga found employment on the first day the Jobs Hub opened. ‘I enjoy the extra income. I enjoy being able to plan ahead, along with the opportunities to meet new people and learn new things,’ Nga told us.

Not long after Nga, Jayden got a job at Corporate Maintenance Solutions.  Within days of starting work, Jayden’s manager offered him a traineeship. He is now working and studying for a qualification in horticulture.

When Rosie came to the Jobs Hub, she wanted to make a career transition. After working as a chef for over twenty years, Rosie wanted to work in construction or manufacturing. ‘I came to the Jobs Hub for help because they have their hands on the pulse, they know where it’s at.’. This week Rosie has been delighted in securing employment with a local manufacturer, making and installing blinds.

These are just a few success stories. We wish all our participants the very best in their new roles.