Work and Training Pledge

Work and Training CEO Leanne Wallace and Bec Thomas, Mayor GLENORCHY CITY COUNCIL

Today, Work & Training has become the tenth organisation to sign a pledge with the Glenorchy Jobs Hub.

The partnership between the Glenorchy Jobs Hub and Work & Training means that job seekers will now have more access to jobs, training, and apprenticeship opportunities.

The partnership also offers job seekers the chance to meet with industry experts and develop their local networks by attending Hub-run events.

Glenorchy City Mayor Bec Thomas is delighted with the Hub’s impact on the Glenorchy community and the new partnership.

“Glenorchy City Council is thrilled on the impact that the Glenorchy Jobs Hub has had on our local job seekers and businesses. The engagement of local employers and training organisations has been crucial to its success,” said Ms Thomas.

“We are grateful to have Work and Training pledge their support to the Glenorchy Jobs Hub. The support helps locals access apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities across all the major growth industries. Work and Training are valued members of our Steering Committee, and we appreciate their commitment to the Hub.”

Work & Training CEO Leanne Wallace looks forward to the partnership’s impact on local job seekers.

“Helping local people create a vibrant future for themselves is what we’ve been doing here in Tasmania for the last three decades,” said Ms Wallace.

“We’re proud to be able to use our skills, experience and network of employers to support jobseekers and the Glenorchy Jobs Hub.”

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