How to write a job advertisement


When you consider hiring a new employee, it’s only natural to focus on what YOU want from the successful applicant. Believe it or not, making your applicant wish list the main focus of your job ad may actually deter applicants from applying. Get strong candidates interested in your role by following our four top tips.

Keep it literal

To attract job seekers, you need to start thinking like an applicant – starting with the job title. Job seekers usually search using the exact job title they are looking for. Trying to be too creative here may limit your chances of coming up in search results, so keep the title literal. It may seem more tempting to title your job as a “Executive Senior Managing Assistant”, but the chance of someone searching for this exact role title is much slimmer than just “Executive Assistant”.

Get their attention

You need to catch the attention of job seekers and catch it quickly. Begin your ad with highlighting your top 3 reasons of why someone would want to work for you. Positive points about your location, salary, team culture and other incentives will help you stand out from others advertising similar vacancies.

Share details (but keep them brief)

Now that you have their attention it’s time to move on to the body of the ad. This area should detail who your company is, duties involved with the position and any essential and desirable criteria for applicants to apply. You can go into more detail in this area but try not to waffle on too much. You want to keep them interested, so even simplifying some areas using bullet points may make your ad easier to read.

Finish strong

Finish your ad with one last point on why they should work for you and invite them to apply if they meet your listed criteria. A great example is,

“Work with a growing business in a positive and friendly team environment. A competitive salary package is on offer for those who can demonstrate the right experience and attitude.”


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