Glenorchy resident Don had lived in Tasmania as a Detective; however, after investigating the 1996 Port Arthur massacre, he went into early retirement. After retiring, he bought a motor home and spent several years exploring Australia. Don returned to the state in 2019 to care for his mother, who was diagnosed with Dementia. He looked for work, leading him to the Jobs Hub.

We recently caught up with Don to discuss his journey.

Before coming to the Jobs Hub, what did you do?

I’ve held several roles during my working career. Before becoming a Detective, I worked as a Sheet Metal worker and a Prison Officer. After graduating from the Tasmanian Police Academy, I continued studying. This led me to my career as a Detective with the Tasmanian Police.

While working, I investigated the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. Due to this significance, I retired early into my career. After retiring, I bought a motor home and began exploring Australia.

I worked multiple roles during my travels, including on farms and volunteering. One volunteer business that I worked with was BlazeAid. BlazeAid is a not-for-profit program collaborating with Grey Nomads to rebuild communities. The program supports those facing disasters such as fires and floods.

While volunteering with BlazeAid, I became the Dunedoo coordinator. I found the role to come naturally, using my skills and knowledge. Over time I coordinated several BlazeAid operations supporting damaged communities. BlazeAid was a rewarding experience and supported some beautiful communities.

Eventually, I moved back to Tasmania in 2019 to support my mother. She had been diagnosed with Dementia and needed support at the time.

What bought you to the Jobs Hub?

I needed something to keep me busy during the days; this led me to seek part-time work. When looking, a friend suggested the Jobs Hub could assist me in becoming job-ready again.

The Jobs Hub-Team worked with me to better understand the current jobs market. This was a significant step in helping me find my current role.

How did the Jobs Hub team help you?

Connor was my Jobs Coach, and I found him supportive. Connor took the time to listen to my story and understand the type of work I wanted. He worked to find the ‘right’ roles for me and helped prepare my application for each. Thanks to Connors’s support, I found employment as a part-time bus driver.

I was pleased to have worked with Connor and the Jobs Hub team. Each person made me feel welcomed and supported. They ensured I understood the application process and the best approaches for applying.

How did you find it going back to work?

Since starting work as a bus driver, I’ve found it different from my previous roles. While it has been different and had a learning curve, I have enjoyed it. The position provides opportunities to meet and engage with lots of other people.

At present, this role is right for me. It allows me to utilise my former training and develop new skills and knowledge. It gives me the freedom to work my pace and the opportunity to still care for my mother.


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