Shelby working at Crisp N’ Sweet

Glenorchy resident Shelby had been looking for work for two years before coming to the Glenorchy Jobs Hub. After starting with the Hub, she excelled with the support that was provided and found employment shortly after. Shelby has been working with local café Crisp N’ Sweet since February.

We were able to catch up with Shelby recently and chat about her job seeking journey.

What had you been doing before coming to the Glenorchy Jobs Hub?
Before coming to the Jobs Hub, I had been looking for work for two years. I started after finishing college, hoping I could find something to keep me busy and start the next stage of my life. After looking for 12 months, I still hadn’t found employment. I decided to take some training to make myself more employable. Sadly, this still didn’t lead to me getting a job.

Eventually, I heard of the Glenorchy Jobs Hub from a family member. I looked into it and went to have a talk with the Jobs Coaches.

How was your experience with Glenorchy Jobs Hub?
The Glenorchy Jobs Hub has been great, including my Jobs Coach ‘Corey’, and all the support he has provided. Corey helped me through a lot and gave me the tools and support that I needed at the time.

Thanks to Corey, I have been able to start my living my life. He helped me find the role I have today, and I am incredibly appreciative of everything he has done for me.

I feel that more people should come and work with the Jobs Coaches. They have been reliable, helpful, and supportive. They care about their clients and finding them work.

How have you found working at Crisp N’ Sweet?

I have loved it so far. It has given me the freedom and confidence to do what I want to do. It has opened doors for me and allowed me to live my life. I want to keep working with my manager Laura and continue improving. I want to show her that I am a dedicated and reliable person.

I want to continue working in hospitality, building my skills and making an impact. Eventually, I want to become a bar manager

We wish Shelby all the best and look forward to seeing her continued success!