National Volunteers Week

Glenorchy Jobs Hubs first volunteers Nerissa (Left) and George (Right)


National Volunteer Week is a time when we celebrate the generous work of volunteers across our country.
To kick off this important week of acknowledgment and thanks, we sat down with our two new volunteers, Nerissa Armstrong and George (Changyong) Chen, to ask about their volunteering journeys:

Tell us about your career journey so far?

Nerissa: I have lived in Tasmania my whole life. I moved around a lot with my family when I was younger, exploring the state. Since then, I have settled down in Glenorchy, beginning my next adventure. I’m currently working as a waitress, but I want to expand my skills and seek administrative opportunities.

George: I’m from Wuhan in China. In 2019, before COVID started, I wanted to get out and experience the world. I moved to Australia due to its sizeable multicultural population and opportunities. Once I moved, I studied a Master of Professional Accounting, which I completed in 2021. Prior to graduating, I began my job seeking journey.

What got you interested in volunteering?

Nerissa: I had enrolled with Glenorchy Jobs Hub, finding employment with the Brighton Hotel as a waitress since early May. I enjoy the role, but it’s not what I want to do long term; instead, I wanted to do administrative work.
When I discussed this with my Jobs Coach, they suggested volunteering to build my experience and skills; simultaneously, this position popped up. As I had already been a client, I decided to see the other side of how the Glenorchy Jobs Hub works.

George: While I have a high level of education, when applying for local jobs, I kept getting the same feedback about needing more work experience. This led me to volunteer online to build my skills and increase my employability. However, this wasn’t the right fit for me, given the distance and business.
This made me seek out volunteering opportunities in my community, where I found a position with the Glenorchy Jobs Hub.

What skills do you want to develop?

Nerissa: I want to focus on my scheduling and preparation skills by working with the Jobs Coaches to prepare daily agendas and coordinate with clients. I also want to build my computer skills and become more familiar with administrative programs and procedures.

George: I want to build my administration skills to become more proficient in day-to-day actions. I also want to develop my verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills. By working on these, I want to communicate with the community more, including future employers and co-workers

How have you found the Jobs Hub team?

Nerissa: I have loved meeting and working with the Hub team. It has also been informative to see how things work on the other side of the business. I’ve got to see what the process for clients involves and the different types of support the team offers.

George: I have found the team excellent. Each member has made me feel welcome and like I’ve been working here for ages. It’s a supportive environment with the team already teaching me new skills to take into any job.

The Jobs Hub team look forward to working with Nerissa and George to help get them job ready!
National Volunteers week 2022 runs from 16 May – 22 May, offering opportunities to see local businesses run volunteer programs.
To find out more on local volunteering and how it can help you, head to the Volunteering Tasmania website:

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